Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Work Day 1: Me vs. the Mic

Work Day 1:

Aggressively attacked the recording portion of my dissertation.
The main things I did today were:
  • Go to Fred Meyer to check the price of Walkie Talkies (for future reference $30+)
  • Meet with Conner to mess around
Fortunately for me once Conner and I started messing around we started recording and getting my preliminary work out of the way. We did some work with recording a C major scale on the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums.

I am actually considering redoing the recordings with my microphones, or continuing to use Connors mics otherwise I fear that the recordings might be inconsistent. I think that this will be decided once I have a base collection of sounds and I can evaluate it based on quality.
If I deem all the recordings to be of a relative high quality I think I won't do the recordings.

Another decision I made today is the base recordings won't be evaluated on the playing of the instruments. Seeing as this is a project based on the recording, I think that the quality of the playing shouldn't be a factor in the actual product. So far I think the recordings went well, but I think that will be relative after I make recordings with my own mics.

The bottom line is: Home recording is hard without a real studio, and minimal equipment.

The next challenge I faced today was working with my software. Adobe Audition was being a jerk to me, and I hate it when it's fussy. For one, the mic I tried using wasn't picking up any noise (also I brought the wrong mic). That wasn't actually the program's fault once I realized I had plugged it in the headphone jack... Actually that wasn't the problem either because once I fixed that, even with the highest mic sensitivity, it wasn't reacting. I had to break down and use Conner's mics and computer.

Lesson Number 1: Prep before recording

I read that in multiple books but ignored it. Now I realize that's really REALLY useful and I'll keep that in mind every time I record from now on.

So, in short: Good Day, really anxious to get over all the set up and I'm really anxious to get over the set up. (I said it twice for emphsis. Take that everything I've learned about writing!)

Also, special thanks to Conner for all the help today, I really appreciate it.

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