Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Prep Day

Today was kinda a blah day.
I would have done my Tin Can experiment tonight, alas, no one was home to hold the other side.

First thing I did was finish all of my base recordings. All I had left was Piano. Instead of doing an acoustic piano like I planned, I used a 1/4" cable on my keyboard through my USB box so that I wouldn't have to do awful setup, mic placement, and all the rest. All and all it sounds nice and crisp.

So today I scrounged around for some cans. I found two of the following:
6oz, 14oz and, 20oz cans. The next step was punching a hole in the bottoms of each where I will tie the string. I did this using a screw and a hammer. Then using two thicknesses of cotton string I cut lengths of 5', 10' and 15'.

I did some calculations though, and unless I make separate experiments for each variable, I'll have to do over 200 experiments, have over 90 minutes of audio for this single experiment, which would mean I would also be doing about 4 recordings of each. All together I would have to do over 5 hours of recording not including set up and editing for each recording.

I think I'll take the easy route.

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