Saturday, October 24, 2009


Today, I'm really pissed off because I can't get multitracking with two mics to work.

This is a live post, so you get to read the process while it happens.

At this point, I've gotten both the mics to work on two tracks by going to the audio hardware setup, selecting control panel, then selecting the box next to samsung mic (my USB mic). The computer automatically reads that I plugged the radioshack mic in the 1/8th inch mic pickup (or whatever the mic hole in my computer is called.)

I then selected in the input: [o15] Microphone in track 1, and [025] Microphone in track 2. After selecting "Arm for Record" on each track, I can get a recording on each mic.

Unfortuneately I can't get mic [025] to record more than 21 db. (A very low volume)
Note, this is with my mouth against the mic

On mic [015] I'm getting to levels into the 3db range. (very high volume)
If I talk loudly with my mouth against the mic, I can peak the mic. (Overload the mic)
Once again note that this is with my mouth against the mic while talking.

Also, another underlying problem is a sound that I would call digital feedback. It's hardly noticeable unless you master the audio tracks to boost the decibles. This might pose problems in the future.

So far, I am happy with the mic port, but I need to boost the signals from the USB port. I'm going to check the mic settings on the controal pad.

Okay, no. It's taking me back to my IDT Audio software (and that's not helping)

Attempt 2: I'm going to see if my USB mic will work if it's the only mic plugged in.

No. Not at all. But I also tried the mono options, and the microphone is being read as samsung, not that that changes anything.

God! It's not even recording to the left chanel, only right.

Okay, after a pain staking couple hours, I got it to work, but the recordings sound incredibly tinny, and this is unacceptable.

Taking a break from recording with Audition. Trying Audacity.

No, it's not designed for recoring with multiple mics.

I'm considering breaking down and buying a mixer...

Giving up.

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  1. It turns out I was using the built in mic most of the time