Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Day two...

Day 2: Me Vs. Software

Point one: Adobe Audition rocks my socks

Point two: I can't get it to work

Actually, yes, I finally got it to work. After struggling with non-responsive microphones, detached editing panels and a mess of odd editing frames. Adobe is up and running.

Also, I got all of the drums tucked away in a nice .WMA file and a .CEL file*.

Anyway, all is looking bright in the world of Kai.

Other cool things I did today were going to goodwill scouting for dissertation stuff, going to Trade up Music for the first time and setting a new studio session with Mark and Ian so I can get my base recordings done.

Sweet sweet success.

P.S. I'm now in love with trade up music. It's cheap, high quality, and really stuffed to the brim with old and new equipment.

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