Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 3:

Day 3: Me and my Studio

So, today I recorded with my own equipment for the first time.

It went somewhat terribly, but the product is fine.

Basically to sum everything up 2 hours of tech problems (thank god Random was online.) Every time I switched mics, the speakers would stop working, this was a problem because I can't sample the recordings after I recorded them. Basically I had to trust my guts and use my limited skills to pull through, because I never figured out how to fix this problem.

I am extremely lucky that I have history with editing and cutting. It turned out that all the Sax recordings peaked, but I was able to fix this by patching together a couple tracks, using stretching tools and such. I am quite satisfied with the final product.

Another problem was I only had one good bass recording, luckily, Ian is really good so I have one really good recoding. I was picking up allot of noise, but noise reduction is a good tool.

Electric and Acoustic guitar went great, I guess I was more comfortable with these since I knocked off the parts I was nervous about first.

All and all it was a successful day.

Also you can check out the recordings on myspace.

As of tomorrow, I'm starting my project.

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