Thursday, July 22, 2010

Messer Chups russian extrordinares.

Messer Chups is the latest installment of the Russian of musician Oleg Gitarkin. I'll take my best stab at describing this music: A surf rock, B-movie, progressive electronic band. Messer Chups is a spin off of the band "Messer fur Frau Muller" another band I'd recommend adding to your collection.
Definitely one of the best parts of listening to this band is trying to figure out what they sampled from. Being a big fan of B-movies and obscure music, you hear great references to classic composers, old horror movies (especially Ed Wood), and a number of obscure french favorites. If there are any fans out there of the Books, you might get a kick out of this.
Most Messer Chups albums are readily available on e-music, so I assume it's available on most other music buying platforms.

Credit's earned where credit's due, thanks Winfoxi for your help.

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