Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Post to do With Cans (hopefully)

So, I finally finished all my work with cans today, all the editing is done and I am not very satisfied.

It seems that once I amplify everything to a consistent volume, I notice lots of little problems with the recording which are really hard to notice otherwise. Also, there are little points of silence I didn't notice when originally recording.

I also noticed in the presentation form that it would be really hard to listen to all the recordings for every test. Thus a solution for all my problems.

In every recording, the best sound that is easiest to tell the difference between is the sax and the electric guitar. I decided that I will edit all these parts out in order to present this experiment, and offer the other files at the end of the cd for presentation.

Anyway the main idea of this post is to announce that I can't continue with my can recordings due to time, and I have to make some exceptions and compromises with my presentation.

Anyway, as of today, I am going to move on and do bigger and better things. I will only move backwards if I absolutely need to.

The End

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